Negative news stories tend to lead the headlines. The term “If it Bleeds, It Leads” is a fitting metaphor for how, at times, media highlights negativity in a community. People’s perception of a community is often shaped by what the read in the news. The Good News Paper aims to change the relationship people have with news, raise awareness of the good thing happening in communities, and education community members on the important role news plays in helping one another understand the issues happening in the community. 


Collaborative Craft will crowdsource stories from Johnstown residents about news they would like to read and reproduce a “special edition” of the Tribune Democrat.

A series of workshops will be held throughout Johnstown to teach residents on how to write in the journalist style.

The workshops will also help identify stories people would like to read.

The workshops will also interview ordinary citizens, highlighting people who may not ever be recognized in newspaper coverage. 

A website will be created to collect stories from residents. 

A real newspaper will be produced and distributed to community resident.

In addition the writing workshops will also include a call for poetry, all ages can submit.

A panel of poets and writers from UPJ will screen the poetry and announce a Poet Laureate of Johnstown. The Mayor of Johnstown will provide the recognition and the winner will serve a life-long term. 

What this will solve?

Change perceptions of Johnstown, internally and externally
Teach residents and kids a skill
Help resident’s appreciate news
Raise awareness of the challenges the news industry has and the dying or traditional media