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Reuniting Lost Gloves

Updated: May 8

Artist Jenn Gooch Collects Lost Gloves and Reunites as a Sign of Reconnecting

Jennifer Gooch has launched, a project in which she collects lost gloves throughout Pittsburgh in hopes of returning them to their owners.

The project creates a method for dealing with the conundrum of finding these lost articles while creating a humorous yet bittersweet solution for an everyday loss. Documents and photos of abandoned gloves are showcased on the Web site for people to reclaim their glove.

"People respond differently when finding lost gloves. Some will leave them while others pick them up or throw them away," said Gooch, who thinks that picking up someone's forgotten glove is also an act of kindness that is unrealized. "For me, collecting and saving the lost gloves becomes a token for the possibility of reunion and a metaphor for the cycle of loss and gain."

Gooch is also interested in how people use the Internet to connect with each other. She believes the lone glove, useless without its mate, is the emblem for this sense of disconnect. She is also distributing stickers to people in search of collecting lost gloves. Participants can place the sticker where they found the glove just in case someone comes back to the area to reclaim it.

Gooch grew up in the suburbs of Dallas. After graduating from the University of Texas at Arlington, she completed an MFA at Carnegie Mellon. Her portfolio is online at

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