Maxine Vaccine

You think you see Maxine Vaccine, but you really do not. She lived in Moxim, the influential, astute neighborhood in Johnstown, PA from 1880 - 1919 when she died from complications from the Spanish Flu. She has arrived, re-imagined, and returns as a ghost, a mystic, as a wearing to those who are not going to get the COVID-19 vaccination. She haunts. She's in sorrow for all of those who do not oblige by social distancing or mask wearing.

"I saw my skin boil, my friends and family dying, around me starving for air, for relief," Vaccine said. "I knew the vaccination would have saved me, but the skepticism and unknowing was too

Her sorrowful walks through the streets and neighborhoods she once walked, tracing her steps mourning all the things she lost because she never got vaccinated. To her admission she was skeptical and lazy at time. Keep up the household she did not know where to find the vaccination, truth be told she never looked. She rings the bell as a toll for all those who died in throughout the region. She mumbles their names - the dead aunt, the sick father, the twins. All of these people left behind from the Spanish Flu pandemic did not get vaccinated.

Her husband died in 1918. Returned from war, Hank, was a well fit man. He was to work at the coal mines south of Johnstown. Some think he was patient zero but it was hard to tell. By this time hundreds have died, hundreds were sick.

The ghost of Maxine is here today to tell us all of the reasons why one should get vaccinated and her share her sorrow and pain of all of the things she lost. You will see her on your neighborhood streets. Be aware.


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